Moscow, Russia

Moscow is situated in western Russia, close to the country’s border with the Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia. Lying on the Moskva River it is the country’s capital and it’s largest and richest city in the world.

Sacred Sites Along the Sea – Galilee, Israel

A short drive up Israel coastline and then into the interior will take you down, below the sea level to the Sea of Galilee....

Amsterdam – Capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Amsterdam is perhaps Europe’s best- preserved city. At the same time it’s got a fun, contemporary edge . It is a progressive place invigorated by a time- honored spirit of live and let live.

Milano – global capital of fashion and design

Any tourists come to Italy because of its past. But Milano is today’s Italy, and no Italian trip is complete without visiting this city.

10 Most visited Countries in the world

Here are ten most visited countries in the world and some interesting facts about each one of them.

The breathtaking best of Central Turkey

Central Turkey In the Easter Mediterranean, Turkey links Europe with the Middle East and Asia. Turkey has over 75.000 million people. Down bellow you can...

Top 4 places to go during winter 2015/2016

You are a winter lover, but you don't have idea where should you go this year? Well, read the destinations below, it might give...

The urban charm of Switzerland

Placed in the center of Europe is Switzerland. While much of the county is dominated by the Alps, most of the population is in...

Be inspired by Tuscany’s Dolce Vita

Italy is the size of California and Tuscany it’s in the heart of the country. When travel dreams take people to Italy, very often Tuscany...


In the south of Europe is Italy and between Florence and Genoa is the Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre is five little towns, isolated...