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Do you know where the Great Wall ends?


The largest and longest continuous structure of the Earth is visible from space. Now we are going to talk about an entirely interesting sensation, which probably you are not informed. And that’s where exactly is the end of the Great Wall …

If you had the opportunity to visit Peking, we are completely certain that you visited the Grand or Great Wall. Well, if you were at the renovated and gold-plated new part that is intended for tourists, or you went in a van and saw ruins and rubble rushed hundreds of miles away, depends on the time you had available, but also from your adventurous spirit.

Great Wall of China in summer
Beijing Great Wall of China

Mainly, they differ as heaven and earth, but one thing is quite certain, that is that they are both worth of visit for the view that is fantastic and unforgettable.

Great Wall of China, China

For all those who hadn’t the opportunity to see it in live, you’ve probably seen it in numerous movies, commercials, series, but you probably didn’t imagine that one of its ends in the end meets the sea!

On the site of Laolongtou actually Great Wall enters the sea Bohata. This place is also called “head of the old dragon” because it looks like a dragon that drinks water.

About approximately 300 kilometers from Beijing, the Old Dragon day by day, gradually gathers a growing number of tourists who comes to enjoy the view of the particularly important monument of human’s defense against the enemy, which unfortunately didn’t brought any results.


Dynasties and dynasties were lost in time because the Mongols surrounded wall and conquered. But today we have a beautiful place to travel and visit, which is the perfect destination for all those who enjoy photography.


Remember, Lao Long Tou with the touch of the Chinese wall and the Pacific. It is an fantastic experience.