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World’s coldest places


Winter is the coldest season of the year, which last about three months. The world is full of extreme climates, and there are many extreme places.The lowest temperature ever was recorded in Russia and it was -88 Celsius. Here are the coldest places in the world that have very low temperature.

winter coldest placesSnow coldest places

Rogers Pass – Montana, USA- Rogers Pass is the only place in United States outside of Alaska with the coldest temperature ever recorded. During January the temperature is lower than – 57 Celsius.

Rogers Pas- Montana, USA- Rogers Pass  coldest places

Fort Selkirk- Yukon, Canada – This place has been deserted because of the extreme cold conditions. There is no road access, so if you want to visit it you need to take a plane or boat. During winter the temperature is more than – 58 Celsius.

winter coldest places

Eismitte, Greenland – it is also called Mid – ice. It is so cold that is impossible to breath in. The warmest month is July with -12 Celsius. And the coldest temperature ever recorded was -65 Celsius.

Eismitte, Greenland- coldest places

North Ice – Greenland – this is the fifth coldest place in the world, once it was the name of a research station. Lowest temperature during winter is -67 Celsius.


Verkhoyansk- Russia – it has exceptionally low winter temperatures. It is considered the northern Pole of Cold. Lowest temperature during winter is -69.9 Celsius.

Verkhoyansk- Russia

Vostok, Antartica – this is a Russian Antarctic research station. The coldest month is August with approximately -89.


No matter how much you enjoy winter and snow, it is almost impossible to live in these places. There are extreme low temperatures that you are might not used to.


Everything is covered in snow and in ice. People often complain of winter, but I think that we all are lucky to live on some place where we can actually enjoy winter, enjoy the snow. If you ever decide to visit these places I’m sure you will appreciate more winter that you are used to.