It is hard to find a good beer bar, but here are some of the best, unique and most knowledgeable palaces to enjoy a beer. If you are a beer lover there are many finds made of beer – beer candle, soap, remote control beer cooler and many others.

Find the best beer bars around the world:


In Stockholm, Sweden the best beer bar is the Akkurat. Here a must try beer is the Cantillon Gueuze. It is a classic on the beer cult scene.


If you travel in Tokyo, Japan soon make sure you visit the beer bar called Bakusyu Club Popeye. In a culture that appreciates beer as much as Japan, Tokyo is host to one of the most respected beer sports in Asia.


In Dublin Ireland, best beer place seems to be the Brew Dock. This local has an awesome, friendly vibe and chatty atmosphere.

drew bar

In Hamburg Germany best beer bar is called Café Abseits. This is a lively outdoor biergarden, you would be able to say that it boats the most solid collection of German beers.


In Montreal Quebec, some of the best beers are served in a bar called Dieu du Ciel.

Dieu du ciel

In London, England the Euston Tap is the best beer bar. Here you need to try the thorn -bridge dry hopped Jaipur from cask.


In Paris France locals have the best beer is the bar called La Fine Mousse. There are more than one hundred France’s best beers, also has some of the best Belgian beers.

La Fine Mousse

In Sydney, Australia make sure you visit the Local taphouse. It has a very cozy ambiance and the attached bottle shop solidify the experience as one of the best you can get in Oz.

The Local Taphouse

Prague is known as the city where beer is one of the most popular drinks anywhere in the world. They are known for the best beer, and in the Zly Casy you can enjoy the world’s most unique beer bar experiences.

Prague beer

I hope after reading this you have a reason plus to visit some of these amazing countries. Enjoy.