Sweden’s third-largest city has a progressive contemporary feel- Malmö is always a good destination to visit. It has a bridge names Oresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark. Sweden is also a perfect destination to visit during winter. There are more than two hundred ski resorts in Sweden, and many in Malmö.

Malmö - Sweden

Since the construction of the Oresund Bridge Malmö has underground a major transformation with great architectural development and it has become number one tourist attraction in Sweden.

Malmö - Sweden

Malmö is a small friendly city with a great choice of cultural attractions and some worth seeing city’s landmarks.

Malmö - Sweden

The Oresund Bridge is the most impressive peace of architecture- it is a combined rail and road bridges. The last 4 km are the world’s longest underwater tunnel. Malmö is also a seriously sustainable city and is a world leader in the area.

Oresund Bridge - Malmo

Here in Malmö you can visit the world’s most talked about building. The striking Turning Torso built by the world’s famous architect Santiago Calatrava. This eye-catching and iconic structure has put Malmö firmly on the architectural map. This Skyscraper is the tallest Residential tower anywhere in the world, also with the full 90 degrees is the world’s first twisting tower.

Turning Torso

A must see during you stay in Sweden is the Malmöhus Castle, where you can visit the Malmö’s Museum of Art, the City Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Tropicarium. Where you meet face to face with the Sweden history because is the oldest remaining Renaissance castle.

 Malmöhus Castle Malmöhus Castle

The streets around Davidshallstorg square are great for shopping. Here you’ll find lots of vintage stores and Swedish fashion. Engelbrektsgatan is another nice shopping street, where you’ll find several Swedish interior design stores.


The Folkets park is the oldest public parks in Sweden, and the most visited one. For nearly 120 years, tourists and locals alike have come here to have fun, relax, and enjoy the good things in life.

Folkets Park

You need to try some of the classic Swedish dishes like the meatballs and the pickled herring.

I hope I gave you some ideas of the things that you can do and to visit during your stay in Malmö. Have a great time.