If you are a kind of person that travels a lot, you sure have visited many countries and countless cities. But it is always just to go to the country and to see some of the landmarks in that country. You may didn’t know these Once in a lifetime experiences from around the world.

It is all about the feeling, to get to know their tradition and just for a moment to get a feeling like you are in your home – country.

A female day hiking  Once in a lifetime experiences1. Attend a proper British afternoon tea in London

This has been a British tradition for so many years. In the Royal Garden Hotel there is a great set up for a Afternoon Tea. It contains Chocolate Chip Truffle tea, sandwiches, sweets, and to start it have a glass of champagne .

British afternoon tea in London Once in a lifetime experiences2. Swim with the Sea Turtles, West Maui

Olowalu is located south of Lagaina in West Maui. This is a very attractive tourist adventure, you can seen alongside with these amazing sea creatures.

Swim with the Sea Turtles, Wes Maui Once in a lifetime experiencessnorkeling-turtle3. Explore the Cava cave in Spain

Here you can explore the seemingly endless channels of Cava cave, and get yourself some amazing underground experience.

 the Cava cave in Spain Once in a lifetime experiences the Cava cave in Spain4. Get a natural mud bath in Palau’s Milky Way

This is a perfect spot to slather the white limestone all over your body, and get a natural mud bath.

natural mud bath in Palau’s Milky Way Once in a lifetime experiencesnatural mud bath in Palau’s Milky Way5. Put a Love Lock on Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris

This is a place where love couple can put a padlock to secure their love. After that you need to throw the key away so that your love can not be unlocked.

 Love Lock on Pont des Arts Bridge in ParisParis brige6. Have a private wine tasting in Napa Valley

It would be a very impressive thing to do. You can exclusively have a private wine tasting which also includes overnight stay in some of the hotels.

private wine tasking in Napa Valleyprivate wine tasking in Napa Valley7. Take a Fly – boarding Jetpack flight

This is an adventurous sport which includes- slipping you feet into boots and the jet ski pouches water and propels you into the air.

Fly -boarding Jetpack flight8. Bath elephants at a Rescue in Thailand

You start this by volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park. You can bath and feed the elephants- some of them are blind, injured, old or had been abused .So it really is a unique experience to get to help and make happy these majestic creatures.

Bath elephants at a Rescue in Thailand

These are just some ideas what to do next, but there are plenty more things that you should do. So get you bags up and start to get the best that world has to offer.