Cruising has many components that cater to adventure, fun, families and group activities, and those things are what most people think of when cruising pops to mind. However, cruising can also be ideal for a romantic couple’s vacation.


Mediterranean Cruises- With vineyards, cobblestoned streets, idyllic little cafes, and intimate restaurants around practically every corner, the Mediterranean is a prime place to head for a romantic vacation, and a Mediterranean cruise makes it easy for you to visit the lovely cities and towns in this area of Europe.For extra romance, choose a Mediterranean cruise itinerary that stops at Venice, Dubrovnik, and Nice.

Mediteranean Criuses

Alaskan Cruises- Warm weather and relaxing beaches aren’t a requirement for romance. Snuggling up under blankets with hot chocolate also may help to get you and your honey in a romantic mood. You can get this ambiance on an Alaska cruise. In addition to stunning views of glaciers and wildlife seen from your room’s balcony or the ship’s deck, there are many activities you can participate in that will bring you closer together as a couple.

Alaska Cruise

Caribbean Cruises- The Caribbean’s island ambiance caters to couples and romance. Frolic in the warm turquoise and teal sea, then stroll down the beach holding hands as waves gently roll at your feet. The Caribbean also has many beachside restaurants that are excellent for tasting Caribbean fare such as Cajun shrimp or freshly caught seafood while taking in a Caribbean sunset.

 Cruises Cruises

Silversea Cruises – This luxury cruise line boasts a fleet of ships that is 100% suites – meaning extra room for you and your honey. With a butler for every room who will help you unpack, make reservations, and cater to any other needs you have, all you’ll need to do is concentrate on the romance. Your butler will even serve breakfast to you in your suite if you so desire. The on board spa on Silversea’s ships is also ideal for getting a couples massage or other relaxing treatments.

Silversea Cruises