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Top Adventure Experiences – Extreme Traveler


If you want to be an extreme traveler, you can to learn how to get an adrenaline fix out of every challenge. Learn how to explore amazing things without doubt in your ability. Here are some adventures waiting for you to get explored.


Trek to Chembra Peak– Have you ever imagined a heart-shaped lake on the peak of a mountain? If not, you need to join the Chembra Peak trek. It is on the top of this peak, you can find the Chembra Lake, which is a high altitude heart-shaped lake.


Cycling and Hiking in the Kumaon Himalayas- these mountains are very curvy, and that is the reason why it is perfect cycling destination.


Portaledge – Climbers rely on hanging tent systems known as “portaledges.” Inevitably, the rest of the world looked at portaledge. Places like Waldseilgarten in Bavaria allow you to sleep in portaledge tents either on cliffs or, if you want a little more safety, suspended from trees.


Spelunking- this basically means exploring caves. You can go from the insanely easy walking guided tours ,like those through Mammoth Cave in Kentucky to the technical and difficult , but the best place to go spelunking is in Chapada Diamantina, Brazil.


Sandboarding- getting a picture of yourself on a camel in the Sahara is passé. Instead, transfer your snowboarding skills to the desert and learn how to sandboard. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The only difference from snowboarding is a) you can wear shorts, and b) it’s impossible to build a lift on a sand dune, so you’ll be walking back up to the top. You can sandboard anywhere there are unprotected dunes, but there’s a certain appeal to doing it in the world’s largest desert.


Have no fear, believe in yourself and see how far you can push yourself. Be an adrenaline junkie.