Moscow is situated in western Russia, close to the country’s border with the Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia. Lying on the Moskva River it is the country’s capital and it’s largest and richest city in the world.

Moscow city Moscow at night square

Moscow holds a special place in the world’s imagination – opulent, spectacular and grandiose. Moscow has been the epicenter of some the history’s most amazing moments.

Today it continues to fascinate to early modern and with the European air it has a population of more that 11 million people.


There is no better place to hear about it’s history than the Red Square, with the Saint Basil’s cathedral – a building so magnificent that according to the legend – Ivan the terrible has the architects’ eyes removed so they could never again build anything so beautiful and magnificent.

Red Squarered square

The Kremlin is another Moscow’s icon and it has been home to the city’s ruling elite for thousand years.


Another must visit place is the Cathedral Archangel with its red walls and amazing architecture.

Cathedral Archangel

Near by Victory Park is another powerful tribute to those who fail defending the city including the millions of Soviet soldiers.

Victory Park

Best place to relax yourself is by the fountain in Pushkin square, or stroll along the boulevard in Gorky Park, Moscow’s famous Central Park or in the Monument Park.

Best way to understand the connection between the new and old Moscow is if you visit the Moscow’s Metro. With opulent marvel walls, grandiose chandeliers and heroic artwork, each has a story to tell of Russia’s culture, heroism and technology.


Moscow has long head of proud coffee culture, and the city’s coffee houses and restaurant remain a place where Moscow people come together to share their own stories over rich traditional Russian food.

Coffee shopcoffee-house

In the end of the trip you will realize that Moscow is one of the world’s greatest stories, from ending sweeping sagas that changed the world to smaller tales of loss, luck and happiness.

Visit Moscow and create your own Moscow’s story.