Edinburgh is the cultural spot of Scott, one a medieval powerhouse stretching below its might caste today – is one of Europe’s most festive and entertaining city.

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Edinburgh has two distinctive caps its medieval old town and its New town. It is all split by a Grand Park which offers  one of Europe’s great walks. You may want to start your visit where the city did – at the Edinburgh Castle the fortified birthplace at the city over a thousand years ago. This imposing symbol of Edinburgh seats boldly on Iraq high above the city. While the castle has been both the fort and a royal residence since the 11th century most of the building today are from its more recent use as a military garrison.

Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle

If you are up for a treat the new Bell restaurant is the best in town where you can experience Scottish food.  You can taste the best meals for the best prices.

New Bell restaurant

The Royal Mile leads from the castle downhill through the Old Town. This colorful jumble is the tourist must go, a dense tangle of historic buildings, fun museums and cultural clichés on sale.

Royal MileRoyal Mile

The best way to learn about Scottish history is in the Museum of Scotland, which its amassed more historical artifacts than everything else you will see in Scotland.

National Museum of Scotlandcollections of National Museums Scotland

Scotland is also known for great literature. The writers Museum details the lives of Scotland’s three great literary figures- Robert Burns, Sir  Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.

The most interesting thing about Scottish people is their unusual clothes. Men are wearing kilt, sporran, sgian dubh and ghilies. Female highland dress includes women’s shoes, also called ghillies, that are tied in the same way but have thin soles for indoor wear and dancing.

Scottish uniform

Scott is so reveled in Edinburgh that his towering neo-gothic  monument dominates the city centre. Saint Giles Cathedral is Scotland’s the most important church while its ornate spire is designed to look like the crown of thorns, most locals are seen it as the Scottish crown.

St. Giles' cathedral

If you want a taste of Scotland, you need the visit the Scotch whiskey Heritage centre. You get an introduction to the world of whiskey.

 Scotch WhiskyScotch Whisky Heritage Centre Royal Mile

This is the welcoming and dynamic  Edinburgh- the city with a great story.