Kazan is the capital city of the state of Tatarstan, Easter European Russia on the Volga River. More than 70 nationalities live here, the most numerous of which are Tatars and Russians. The state languages are Tatar and Russian.


There are river cruises on the Volga River, where you can experience the city on another dimension. The Volga River passes through Kazan dividing the city on each of its banks. Cruise ships and small charter boats are available to give you a view of the city from the river edge.

Cruise on Volga

The Kazan Kremlin is the only surviving Tatar fortress in Russia. It is a unique historical and architectural monument. It was built on behest of Ivan the Terrible.


The Temple of all regions is an architectural complex inside Kazan municipality in Russia. It is a Frankenstein’s chapel that includes influence from almost all the major faiths.

temple of all regions

The Kaban lakes it is associated with numerous legends. Kazan Russia has the lake Lower Kaban in its borders. According to the legend here lays a hidden treasures of the Kazan khan.

lake in Kazan

Kazan is sometimes referred to as the sporting capital of Russia, and the city has a sporting heritage that it can be very proud of. The city has been granted the privilege of holding a number of high profile events including the World University Games in 2013 and the 2015 World Aquatics Championship.


Kazan Kremlin

Kazan has an amazing culture heritage, with the capital of Tatarstan boasting 16 professional theaters, 27 museums, a state symphonic orchestra. There are also a number of annual culture festivals, where visitors to the Tatar capital can enjoy opera, jazz, ballet, Muslim Cinema and Tatar culture.

National Museum Kazan Russia

Russian night clubs are truly world class entertainment facilities. More than music and dancing-many offer billiards, performances, dining and much more all in one place. It sure is a good decision to visit Kazan, and get a closer look of a Russian history and culture.