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Transylvania – Land of Dracula

Dracula - Bran Castle

Transylvania is a historical region in Central Romania. Transylvania come from the Latin word which means – the land beyond the forest. Main cities to visit are Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Medias and many more.


Transylvania is surrounded by the arc of the Carpathian mountains. Here you can visit some of the most amazing and beautiful castles anywhere in Europe. Transylvania is maybe best known as the land of vampires and wolves. It is a very special place in Romania.

Bran castle – Dracula it is a popular tourist attraction, where you can see also the interior. It is fortress in the hill in central Romania. It has a gothic fairy tale structure, and the inspiration comes from Bram Stocker’s Dracula. Dracula is considered as a hero in Transylvania.

Dracula - Bran Castle
Corvinilor Caste is a Gothic castle which if full process of restoration. Here you can enjoy some of the best sights in Transylvania. A really magnificent castle that you cannot miss visiting.

Corvin Castle
Brukenthal Palace is a perfect example of modernization that was projected to go on for many year. It is Transylvania’s main tourist attraction.

Brukenthal Palace
Colorful centuries-old traditions are alive and well in the small villages of Transylvania. People here still make a living at such time-honored occupations as shepherds, weavers, blacksmiths and carpenters.

If you ever visit Transylvania you need to try the palincha- a brandy traditionally made from plums. It is not just a pre- dinner drink, the locals also celebrate happy occasions with a shot of palincha.

Transylvania is the perfect place where you can enjoy some of its therapeutic waters. The warm salty water of Bear Lake and the mineral mud are very healthy.

There are many museums in Transylvania that you can visit- Brashov History museum, Art museum in Brasov, National History museum in Cluj, Bruckental museum in Sibiu and many others.

Thus region of the world has seen many hard times, however the people of Transylvania are very welcome to share their history and culture with the tourists.