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Amazing places on Earth you won’t believe are real


Here you can read about the world we live on, that have extremely amazing places you won’t believe are real. Here are a few spots and places around the globe that will leave you breathless and speechless.

First the Lake Hillier, Australia – on first sight above it looks like a massive piece of bubble gum or unlimited supply of strawberry milkshake. This lake is about 2,000 feet long and it is separated from the ocean by a narrow strip of land and it is surrounded with a white sand and woodland. They contrast remarkably with the pink colored water in the lake.

Lake-Hillier Amazing places 2 hillier-1 Amazing places 3 Lake-Hillier Amazing places 4 Lake-Hillier Amazing places

Next up is Deadvlei, Namibia – Deadvlei  is a home to a massive number of black trees stand on the background on the Planets highest sand.  This place once was a rich blossoming forest , but the surrounding desert has killed all life and left behind a trees skeletons.

1 Deadvlei, Namibia Amazing places 2 Deadvlei, Namibia Amazing places 3 Deadvlei, Namibia Amazing places 4 Deadvlei, Namibia Amazing places

Another amazing place is Zhangye Danxia Landform, China – layers of vibrant colours are surrounding this landscape which is located at the geological Park in the Gansu Province. It took 24 million year of laying down mineral to form these colorful and beautiful rock formations.

Amazing places2 Zhangye Danxia Landform 4 Zhangye Danxia Landform 3 Zhangye Danxia Landform

Next up is the Enchaunted Well, Brasil – this is a 120 feet deep and the water here is so transparent that is clear enough to see the ancient tree trunks and rocks situated at the bottom.

1 Enchanted-Well 2 Enchanted-Well 3 Enchanted-Well 4 Enchanted-Well

Next up is the Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal, Russia – the oldest fleshwater lake in the world becomes entirely frozen in the winter, what is fascinating about this is that when it occurs the water become so crystal clear.

1 Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal 2 Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal 3 Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal 4 Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal5 Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal 6 Turquoise Ice Lake Baikal

Another amazing place is the Crystal Caverns, Mexico – this is a cave of crystals , and minerals make of hydrate calcium sulfate.

crystal_cave 2 Crystal Caverns, Mexico 3 Crystal Caverns, Mexico

Next is the Eye of Sahara, Africa – this eye is also known as the eye of Africa. A place with gigantic highly symmetrical eroded bowl. This place was discovered by astronauts by accident.

1 Eye of Sahara ,Africa 2 Eye of Sahara ,Africa 3 Eye of Sahara ,Africa 4 Eye of Sahara ,Africa 5 Eye of Sahara ,Africa

Last but not least are the Tianzi Mountains in China. These strangely tall mountains appear to be so alien that they actually appeared in James Cameron’s Avatar, formed under water three hundred and eighty million years ago. Water ate the soft sandstone leaving only the stone pillars behind.

1 Tianzi Mountains in China 2 Tianzi Mountains in China 3 Tianzi Mountains in China 4 Tianzi Mountains in China 5 Tianzi Mountains in China