It is impossible to visit all places on the planet, but some of them are so magical and really worth the visit. Placetotravel made a list of places that you must visit once in a lifetime. Here are the 7 magical places that will leave you breathless 

Cave Benagil in Portugal

The coastal fishing village in Benagil in Portugal have isolated caves which attracts tourists from around the world with their romance and mystery.


Bamboo forest in Japan

Situated in Kyoto, the rural Arashijama contains many cultural treasures, but what in this area stands out in the nature is the fabulous bamboo forest saga.


Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

The largest salt desert in the world is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. When rain falls, an area close to 12,000 kilometers becomes a huge mirror and looks like here heaven and the earth are linked.


Isle of Skye in Scotland

Located in the valley Britain Isle of Skye island hides some of the most beautiful sights. There are mountains that for centuries have been shaped by glacial water that flows from them and creates a fabulous lake.


Hidden beach in Mexico

Located a few meters under the ground, Marietta beach on the island of Puerto Vallarta is certainly one of the most exotic destinations.

The magic “Beach of Love” can be reached through a tunnel which is about 25 meters long. The beach and the whole archipelago of islands is the result of volcanic activity.

The beach is so incredible that a lot of people do not believe that it is even possible to have a place like this on the planet.


Zhangye Danxia, colorful mountain in China

Unusual colors of the rocks are result of the accumulation of red sand and layers of minerals. Wind and rain gave wonderful forms, which vary in color, texture, shape and size.


This amazing scenery is unique in the world. With an area of about 400 km mountain Zhangye Danxia is perhaps the largest natural canvas in the world. With its range of colors really looks like a work of an art rather than natural formation rocks.

Field tulips in Netherlands

Every March, the fields near Alkmaar in the Netherlands turn into awkward and beautifully colored sea. This field will leave you speechless.