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Top attractions in Verona, Italy


Verona, at the base of the Alps and nestled in a bend of the Adige River is another leading city in the Veneto. Its main attractions are its wealth of Roman ruins, remnants of its 14th century boom time, and its 21st century quiet, pedestrian-only ambiance.


Ancient Romans considered Verona an ideal last stop, before heading north over the Alps. This well-preserved area, the fourth largest in the roman world, is a popular venue for events even today the Theater Romano.

 Roman teater

Over the centuries crowds of up to more than 25.000 spectators has filled this place ,the Roman Theater, cheering Roman gladiator battles, medieval executions and modern plays, including Verona’s popular summer opera festival.

Verona’s market square is Piazza Erbe. People has gathered here since Roman times., when this was a forum or market, and it remains a market to this day. The 16th century’s frescoes, characteristic of this region earned Verona a nickname- The Painted City.

verona piazza erbeVerona Piazza Edge

The Venetian lion has hovered over the main square in Verona long time ago, when it reminded locals that they were ruled by Venice. During medieval times, the stone canopy held the called used by merchants. There is also a fountains in this square.

Lion, Verona

Castelvecchio Museum is a museum in Verona, northern Italy, located in the eponymous medieval castle. If you make it to the medieval city of Verona in northern Italy be sure to make a stop at the Castelvecchio.

Castelvecchio Museum

The Scaligeri Castle evokes Verona’s golden age, when the city was one of the Europe’s great economic powers. Sooners or later waling into Verona’s streets you will flush into a very crowded courtyard.

Scaliger Castle in Villafranca di Verona

Scaliger Castle in Villafranca di Verona

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet made Verona a household word, a visit here has nothing to do with the two star crossed lovers, but to be part of the tradition of rubbing the breast of Juliet’s statue- for a better love life.

Romeo and Juliet's house

Fans of Romeo and Juliet will the happy to note that Shakespeare’s inspiration for were two real families here in Verona, the Montecchi and the Capellos. It is an amazing city to visit. Enjoy.