When people travel they often forget to learn about the different culture in countries that they are about to visit. So they make mistakes or are being disrespectful and rude to the citizens, not on purpose.

Read the tips bellow.


In Singapore are not allowed chewing gums. It’s highly disrespectful and there is a 500$ fine for spitting out gum in the streets.

girl playing with chewing gum


In Japan if you tip them it’s very insulting. It’s known as the land of proud.

When you are eating with chopsticks don’t stick them in your food and don’t cross them.

Chinese asian noodles stir fry with vegetables served with a pair of chopsticks


In India it’s disrespectful to show any kind of physical sympathy to the opposite sex.

You can only eat and pass food with the right hand.

indian food


In Germany, when you visit someone’s house you always need to bring a present. Flowers most likely but not any type of flowers. Because every flower is used in many ways.

Also you have to be on time. It’s rude to be late.

Man with Bouquet --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


In Thailand the most disrespectful thing you can do is if you touch someone in the head. In Thailand the head is considered to be the holy part. Be careful!



When you meet French people instead of handshake you should kiss them on the cheek. They find it more friendly and more pleasant.

France social kissing


In Russia you have to remove your shoes outside when you are entering a house, and you need to put slippers when you enter.

shoes Russia

Respect this if you want to leave a nice impression. I hope this tips will help you to stay out of trouble when you travel in one of those countries.