Most of us, when we decide to travel we often choose the big towns to visit- the metropolis. But there are many tiny towns not very popular that are really a delight to visit. So if you ever want to stop the big noise from the big cities, don’t worry. Here is a list of some small charming towns that you can visit.


Colmar, France –this is a small town and a unique blend of Germany and French architecture, spirit and culture. It even doesn’t seems real, it is a colorful tiny beautiful place. Really looks like it is of the France’s hidden gems.



Bruges, Belgium– this is paradise for photographers. Bruges has become popular for travelers the past few years. So now it is also the Europe’s more popular towns, not just the prettiest one.


Reine, Norway– this is a small fishing village in Norway. Make sure to take camera with you when you visit it because it looks unreal. Simply stunning what the nature can do.



Odense, Denmark– it is the third largest city in Denmark. Although it is small it is a very popular in Denmark for getaway. This is has charm that can’t be found anywhere in Denmark. A real delight to relax yourself.


Ghent, Belgium– another hidden delight in Belgium. It is a small charming city in a completely different way of Bruges. Make sure you book a trip to Ghent you won’t regret it.


Arosa , Switzerland– is a special place for the locals there. A small town in the Swiss Alps will make you feel safe. This has been visited many times by the English Royal family.


Bled- Slovenia– there are many thing that you can see in Bled. The greatest attraction is the Lake Bled. It is one of the most stunning lakes in the world.


Make a good choice when you decide to travel. Be open for some new opportunities, and try to visit always something new.