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The breathtaking best of Central Turkey


Central Turkey

In the Easter Mediterranean, Turkey links Europe with the Middle East and Asia. Turkey has over 75.000 million people. Down bellow you can experience the modern and the traditional side of Central Turkey.


The first thing that will grab your attention is the striking geology. Cappadocia is famous for its exotic- looking terrain especially the rock formations called fairy chimneys. They are the icons of Cappadocia. Centuries of volcanic eruptions left huge boulders and layers of hardened volcanic ash.

IMG_4612 cappadocia-sunset cappadocia-6 cappadocia-goremecappadocia bg17 cappadocia

A wonderful way to appreciate this bizarre landscape is from above. Here you can experience the most exciting balloon ride anywhere in Europe.

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Next is Kaymakli, a completely underground city dug out of the rock. This place was first by the citizens to hide themselves from hunting.

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Not very far there is the remote and un-touristy town Guzelyurt. This ancient town seems one with the rock out of which it was carved. This place is a perfect back door – almost no tourism, lots of history and plenty of character. It is worth visiting.

2 Guzelyrt Turkey Guzelyrt Turkey

Here you can feel the friendliness of the citizens.


Next is the capital of Turkey – Ankara. A good place to sample today’s Turkish character. A century ago Ankara was a small provincial town and today with over four million people is the vibrant capitol of a modern nation.

ankara Turkey

Ankara is a thriving example of Turkey’s new affluence. Energized by busy boulevards, prestigious universities and striking malls. Ankara is a contemporary Turkey. You must visit the mausoleum and memorial museum which is honoring the father of modern Turkey – Kemal Ataturk. Inside the museum tells the story of this amazing man. Mustafa Kemal was a heroic leader in the First World War.

Ankara Manzarası

He separated mosque and state, emancipated women replaced the Arabic script with Europe’s alphabet and legislated equality for all citizens.

ankara Turkey 2

Traveling in Ankara you will get to know that nation, it is the best city you can choose to the story.

ankara Turkey 3

Turkey is a land of diversity and contrast and complex mix of people and history.

ankara Turkey