Anyone would like to stay in one of these expensive hotels. They have all the delights life can offer. But the price to stay in one of this hotels is enormous. But if you can afford it you will the best memories and the best experience ever.

First we will start with ‘’Park Hyatt’’ – in Paris France

The 2150 square feet Imperial Suite features a steam shower, whirlpool bath and massage table. You can’t beat the view of Paris from its 625 square feet terrace.  The price for one night is about $14.000.

park hyatt

Park Hyatt Paris-

Hotel ‘George V’  in Paris France

The 2626 square feet Royal Suite is the true definition of Parisian Luxury .It is right I the heart of Paris with the Champs- Elysees just a few steps away. Night here will cost you about $15.500.




‘’Le Richemond’’ in Geneva Switzerland

The Royal Suite features its own swimming pool and has a massive private terrace. Its bulletproof windows will make  you feel safe while enjoy the view of the Alps. The price by night in this hotel is about $16.000

‘’Le Richemond’’ in Geneva Switzerland


‘’Burj Al Arab Hotel ‘’ in Dubai

The 8600 square feet Royal Suite comes with your own private cinema,a chauffeured Rolls Royce and even a helicopter. This hotel may be standing on the artificial island, but the luxury service and amenities are definitely real.  Night at this hotel is about $17.000


burj al arab royal suite

‘’Ritz Carlton Hotel’’ in Moscow Russia

Royal Suite offers a private spa, caviar, rare Vodka, and the best view of the Red Square in town. All of it from your own private luxurious 2635 square feet suite.  Price per night is about $17.500

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow,

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow,
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, Russia-Royal Suite

‘’Palms Casino resort’’ in Las Vegas

It is the best sport in the city .the Hugh Hefner Suite gives you access to your own butler and comes with a rotating bed topped by a mirrored ceiling. $30.000 per night.

Palms Casino Resort


‘’Grand Resort Langonissi “ in Athens Greece

The Royal Villa has a Heated pool, a sauna and a private beach. Your own private chef will prepare your favorite meal, while your pianist plays your favorite music. It is about $47.500 per night.

Athens grand resort

Grand Resort Lagonissi Athens

As you can see they are breathtaking. I hope you will visit some of these amazing , most expensive hotels in the world.