Krakow is one of the oldest city and also the second largest in Poland. There is a legend that says Krakow was built above a cave occupied by a dragon named Smok Wawelski.


Today this city is Poland’s leading tourist attraction with plenty on things worth seeing.


Saint Mary’s Church faces Krakow’s marvelous market square one of Europe’s most amazing squares. It simply bustles with life – this square is where Krakow lives. Kids practicing break – dancing and folk bands which add some traditional color to the square.


It was built in the 13th century and it was the biggest square in medieval Europe.


Wawel is the closest place to Polish people hearts. It is a architectural complex with many buildings and fortifications. The breathtaking ones are the Royal Castle and the Wawel Cathedral.

wawelwawel castle

The Wawel Castle is a gothic building that was built for Casimir II the Great. It will leave you speechless with its beauty.


Wawel Cathedral is located on the Wawel Hill and it is a Roman Catholic church. This Cathedral is full with aisles transepts with aisles, a choir, amazing altars.


Another Place you can’t miss is Poland is the Cloth Hall. It dates to the renaissance and it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978.On the upper floor you can visit the Sukiennice Museum.

Krakow-Main-Square-Rynek-Główny Cloth Hall

Another attraction full with tourists is the National Museum in Krakow. Here you can see the most amazing artwork by Jacek Malczewsi Stanislaq Wyspianski and many artwork of the postwar period. Also has a gold, silver and precious stone artifacts.

National Museum in Krakow

And for the end you can enjoy the Planty Park. It is one of the largest city parks in Krakow. It has many smaller gardens designed in varied styles with many fountains and monuments. The place to enjoy the amazing views and to see how people in Krakow relax after long working day.

Planty parkPlanty park

You need to put Krakow in you traveling list because is much cheaper than most European Countries and it is full with beautiful coffee shops and restaurant. Also it has long  history with many attractions.

Mary-Basilica-Krakow Krakow at night Krakow at night GP_Krakow Krakow old town