Honeymoons should be the most enjoyable and the most amazing time of your life. It is part of your life where you and you partner celebrate your love. Place where you go to be with each other and forget about reality.

Enjoy these 10 amazing honeymoon destinations around the world.

Sweet-romantic-couple honeymoon destinations

Here are some places that you can choose for your honeymoon and surprise your loved one.

1. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

It is located on the edge of the glacier – fed Lake Louise, where you can enjoy some of the best winter sports and create a heavenly honeymoon in the snow. It is a popular choice for honeymoon even in the warmer months.

-aerial-lake-mountains- honeymoon destinationsFairmont Chateau Lake Louise

2. Venice, Italy

It is the most visited location for newlyweds. You can take a romantic gondola ride through the Grand Canal and a romantic stroll around Piazza San Marco.

venice honeymoon destinationsvenice honeymoon destinations

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town offers a glamorous beaches, wild landscapes, has the world’s best safaris and easy access to wine country. It is a perfect destination if you are a couple that like adventures.

cape towncape town honeymoon destinations4. Santorini, Greece

This is a small volcanic island where you can enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and the beautiful sea. You visit wineries, go hiking, stop for shopping in some world known brands.

Santorini-GreeceSantorini-Greece-5. Aruba, Caribbean Island

This island is known like ,,One Happy Island“. A best choice if you are a beach lover. You must visit the Aruba’s most famous – venture out one day to Arashi Beach to experience the white sand and unforgettable snorkeling. Also has a resort with one of the biggest casino in the world.

Aruba, Caribbean IslandAruba, Caribbean Island6. Marrakesh, Morocco

You can say at the Selman Marraech hotel which offers a view of the Atlas Mountains. This is a home of Yves Saint Laurent, and the Galerie ,,Love “.

marrakech-Marrakesh-Morocco7. Cappadocia , Turkey

It is a place out of this world. Best way to experience Cappadocia’s magical valleys is in a hot air balloon, or on foot or horseback.

cappadocia8. Kyoto, Japan

It offers a relaxed time, with a hundreds of temples and shrines, and you can have a romantic walk through peaceful traditional gardens.

KyotoKyoto9. Québec City, Canada

Here you will get the feeling that you are in Paris, with all the romantic coffee shops, cobblestone streets and fashionable boutiques.

canada-quebec-city-chateau-frontenac10. Myanmar

It is a Southeast Asian country with ancient temples and places out of this world. It is perfect destination for couples that travel a lot and have been everywhere.


I hope this list will give you some ideas, where to go on your honeymoon – getaway. I hope you will have a great time.