Every country has had its ups and down. But Poland has been particularly hard hit through the ages. Thankfully today are the good times for Poland. It is a member of the European Union, its economy is thriving and it has never been more fun to visit.

Warsaw, Poland
Poland’s muse see city is Warsaw. In the northeast corner of Europe, Poland is one of the largest countries on the continent. Warsaw pronounced Varshava in Polish is Poland’s capital and biggest city.

Warsaw, PolandWarsaw, Poland
Downtown Warsaw has a Gotham city ambiance, with busy boulevards, expensive squares and blocky buildings. Here a must visit is Poland’s tallest building- the palace of culture and science its Warsaw most famous landmark. It as a gift from Stalin, soviet architect actually toured Poland to absorb the local culture before starting the project. The people of Warsaw named it Stalin’s penis.

 Stalin’s penis.
In the center of the city you can find many markets with plenty of urban charm. Warsaw boulevard is a local favorite for strolling and browsing and ultimately leads you to Warsaw’s historic old town.

The caste in the old town long served as a Royal palace. The great king who moved Poland’s capital from Krakow to Warsaw stand overseeing everything near the palace.

Royal palace
And the city’s legendary mermaid welcomes friends while keeping out foes. There are several museums is Warsaw that tell the story during the World War II, because in that time Warsaw was one of the largest Jewish city in the world.

There is a Ghetto heroes square, that now is surrounded by bland soviet style apartment blocks, marks the heart of what was the Jewish Ghetto. There is a monument dedicated to those who fought and died in the war.

Jewish Ghetto
Visit BarKa, because warm Polish summers were meant to be spent outdoors: Skwer im. Vodka shots are a popular choice. For those who prefer a twist, try a Mad Dog: vodka, raspberry syrup, and Tabasco.

BarKa Lazienki ParkVodka
Warsaw’s huge idyllic Lazienki Park is sprinkled with neoclassical building, peacocks. It was built in the 18th century by Poland’s very last king. I hope you will enjoy your trip to Poland, and make sure you go easy on vodka shots. Enjoy