Switzerland is embedded in the center of Europe, a its most mountains country. The best of the Alps you can find in the region called the Berner Oberland. For the Swiss The Alps are a marvelous playground, winter or summer, rain or shine.

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The Swiss have made many of the most exciting spots easily accessible by train or lift. Part of the fun and much of the expense of enjoying the Alps is riding the various lifts. Whether you are riding a cogwheel trains or gondolas the views are breathtaking.

Swiss Alps

In the Alps, get an early start. The peaks are often clear in the morning and then cloud up. The village called Shilthorn is the most visited one, and you can ride with the shilthornbahn to get on the top. The Shilthornbahn carries skiers, hikers and sightseers quick and easy to the ten-thousand foot summit of the Shilthorn.

Swiss AlpsSwiss Alps

Mountain huts are stationed throughout the Alps. You can hike from France to Slovenia, never come out of the mountains and every night sleep in a hut.

Swiss Alps

Murren is also a good starting point for mountain biking – popular here in the Alps.

The Alps cover 65% of Switzerland’s surface area (41,285 km²), making it one of the most alpine countries. The Alpine zone is situated above the tree line and is clear of trees because of low average temperatures.

Swiss Alps

The large winter resorts are also popular destinations in summer, as most of aerial tramways operate through the year, enabling hikers and mountaineers to reach high altitudes without much effort.

Swiss Alps

If you happen to visit the Berner Oberland you must pass though the grand old resort town of Interlaken. Switzerland is an Alpine fortress, honeycombed with underground military installations.

Swiss Alps

From town on the Valley Floor, a train takes tourists and adventurers alike to the region’s ultimate perch the Jungfraujoch. This breathtaking station sits like a fairy castle . The weather is usually better in the early morning so you may want to start the day early.

Swiss Alps

No matter where you can standing you can understand the timeless allure of the Swiss Alps.