Maybe not all 365 days, but in the world there are real places where people don’t have problems with the weather. Here are oasis with an ideal climate:

San Diego

This is a real example of an ideal climate. Never too hot and never too cold, with minimal morning fog. If someplace has a perfect temperature – this is it !


Malaga, Spain

Very few tourists know that there is this paradise on earth, where climate is pleasant with the residents. Malaga is located on the Mediterranean coast and has one of the warmest winters in Europe. Imagine what you can do when you know that the weather is always perfect.


Canary Islands

They are close enough to the equator so the weather is always warm. There is a sea and almost always wind that keeps the temperature within normal limits. Canary Islands are one of the most beautiful islands in the world and they aren’t named after canaries but by dogs!


Sydney, Australia

Sydney has 340 sunny days a year in average. For the other 25 days there is a possibility of dust storms that paralyze the city. However, you don’t let that to discourage you. Sydney is a city that will help you to forget about all your worries.

Downtown Sydney and Waterfront

Loja, Ecuador

This is one of the sunniest places in the world. Average temperature through the year is in difference of about two degrees. Loya is a musical city in Ecuador.


El Paso, Texas

Probably you have already heard about this place, celebrated by the salsa and quality vegetables for this magnificent sauce. El Paso has the ideal temperature and rainfalls that are highly advantageous for plants. If the plants are satisfied, why wouldn’t the residents be.


Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is small paradise in the US, but many tourists meet these islands with more rain than the sun. Oahu has the best ratio of rainy and sunny days and that’s why is on this list.


Nice, France

It is beautiful. Really beautiful. Walk or ride a bike along the coast while beautiful Mediterranean sun warms you and gives you a feeling that you are in California. But don’t worry, the smell of French bread and the wine will bring you back to reality.