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Hitchhiking – Things you need to know


Hitchhiking refers to traveling with a ride you share with passengers that you have just met for the first time.

Most people are afraid to travel this way because they think it’s not safe and you never really know what someone’s intentions are. So this type of traveling is recommended only for the real adventurists who are ready to take the risk and prepare for one of their best rides in life. We have compiled a list of few hitchhiking tips that comes in handy if you decide to take this adventurous road.



If you think of yourself as a real adventurist and you want to try this you should at least prepare a little before you go out on the road. You should take some money so that you could offer to pay for the gas and for the food because it may be a long journey in front of you so you must keep yourself healthy.


You should always have a bottle of water and some snacks and clean clothes that match the season you are traveling in. Mobile phone and a charger is also a must have and you could take one  book  with you because you might not get your ride from the first car that pass you by and you don’t want to feel boring while you wait.


The people you will travel with may be the kindest persons you have ever met but they also may not be so nice. You must be careful with the strangers. You don’t have to tell them everything about you.


If you decide to go hitchhiking alone you should at least tell your family and friends where you intend to go and call them from time to time to make an update on your traveling status so they won’t worry without reason and if unfortunately there is a reason to worry so they can know where to look for you and call the police if necessary.


Besides the risky nature of this traveling , people who have done this say it’s a really amazing chance to meet new and great people form around the world , share some good stories , make a lifetime memories together and of course – to get so far away without paying much for that. Hitchhiking is the best way to get more by paying less.