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Did you know ? 9 Interesting Country Facts


You have may visited some of these countries, but there are some interesting country facts about them that you might not know.

  1. Did you know that Canada has over 3 million lakes, and over 9 percent of the Canadian territory is a fresh water? More than sixty percents of all the lakes in the world are located in Canada.canada Interesting Country Facts2. Niger has the youngest population in the world, and half of its population has barely reached puberty.niger Interesting Country Facts3. Monaco is the smallest permanently inhabited nation in the world, it is about .8 sw mil- which is basically smaller than Central Park.

monaco Interesting Country Facts

4. Malta is a county with most citizens living abroad, after a very rough period and economic crisis Malta has significant immigration.

Malta Interesting Country FactsMalta Interesting Country Facts5. Saudi Arabia is country with least river. It is a little bit strange for a country that bid. Most of their fresh water comes from underground reservoirs and desalinization plants.

Saudi Arabia6. In Papua New Guinea where English is the official language only one or two percents of the population speaks it.

Papua New Guinea7. Canada is a country with most educated people. Fifty percent of the population is educated at the post secondary level. Right bellow are Israel and Japan. Somalia is the least peaceful nation in the world. Well that is not surprising according to the number of wars.

graduation in Canada8. In Russia – Siberia is the country that produces more oxygen than any other. It has more than twenty – five percent of the world’s forest, so that is why it is the largest converter of CO2.


9. In France there are many time zones. If you count everything including overseas territories France has about twelve time zones. The United States is after France with 11 and Russia with 9 time zones.


These are some interesting and fascinating facts about various countries in the world today.