Sometimes we cannot afford to travel, because not always our financial situation is the same. But that does not mean that you should sit at your house and not try to go anywhere. There are many ways you could travel the world, you have to be a little creative.

Try to use some of these alternative budged vacation ideas

travel budged vacation ideas1. Visit your country

It is known that the most unknown place for each human being it is their own place. I know people who live in Rome, and have never entered in the Colosseum. How much do you know of your own country? I bet that that are places that are worth seeing, and you have not seen them yet. So make sure to use the week when you are with no money and take time to see the most important archeological or most important art places in your town.. It does not matter the size of your town, but its history.

travel budged vacation ideasTRAVEL-FOR-FREE

2. Go Camping

Sometimes it is more relaxing to go camping, instead of wild days spent in expensive towns, going out in bars, sleeping in hotels. Also camping means spending less money. The fees in National Parks are approximately 15 dollars. Additionally, there are offers that include accommodation with camping, in a tent for example. If you are not a sleep-in-tent kind of person, then there are camps that offer cabins. You will not worry that you are going to need a lot of money for food also, because when you go camping, you buy your own groceries.


3. Get into a Last-Minute Cruise

The dream of every traveler is that once in a lifetime he could go on a cruise, but of course the cruises are very expensive, with a 6 day Bahamian cruise costing around $700 USD. But if it happens for you to be one of the last passengers to book that ship, you can get that cruise for a good price. The cheapest cruises lines are the last-minute deals. The price could go lower than the half of the first price. Plus, cruise operators always make an offers with stuff added with that cruise. Now it is cheap even more with what happened  with the Costa Concordia cruise, travelers are cancelling their trips and the cruises operators want to make sure that they will have costumers.


4. Open your views

Cancel Paris and go to Amsterdam. Skip Barcelona and see Budapest. Forget Mexico and see Chile. Cancel Argentina and visit Venezuela. You can get a thousand variations and choose a cheaper destination, instead of the most popular. Also, be careful what season are you travelling at. In every country there is a season when it is full of tourist and it is more expensive than in the rest of the year. It is sure not the destination you were looking for and wanted to go right now, but it will save you some money, and also you will get a trip.


Have a nice vacation.