camping-691424Planning a camping trip is pretty exciting, but while packing we can forget a couple of important things, and without them, the trip has a chance to become unpleasant and instead of good memories, it can bring us bad. So, here is a list with the 8 top things you need to take with you on your next camping trip, and make sure to remember this list, if you want to have a nice vacation.


1. First Aid Kit

You are going to walk a lot, and do adventure things so  scratches or cuts are unavoidable. So, the number one on the list is first aid kit because you and your camping partners must take care of yourself alone. You know there is not a hospital in those places, right?

camping couple

2. Pack of Matches

There are great chances you might need a fire in some moment, so pack of matches is something you will need. It is a small thing, so there is no excuse of going on camping without it, and risk to have a cold meal or not making a fire to warm yourself.

Outdoor-camping fire

3. Rope

Rope is so useful on a camping trip, for example to create a shelter, or  dry your clothes on a rope line, or to help people if something happens during hiking or swimming. Or just do something creative and for fun.

Outdoor-camping rope fun

4. Lantern, Flashlight or Head lamp

Do we need to explain why you have an essential need of a flashlight? Do not go anywhere without it.

Outdoor-camping 3

5. Alternate Weather Wear

We all know that the weather is changing from time to time, and that we can not relay on a weather prognoze on a TV. You need to take clothes for sunny, rainy and cloudy day. Extra clothes are always a good idea.

Outdoor-camping 4

6. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is also a small thing that will not occupy any space in your bag, and in the same time you will have a great assistant in everything you want to do, like open some food, build something, cut something etc.

Outdoor-camping 5Outdoor-camping 6