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5 Reasons to travel


1. Meeting new people

When you are away from home, it is easier to meet new friends, and than stay in contakt so you can go whenever you want in their country. Social interactions are useful to any human being, because by meeting other people, you learn new things about you and about the world.


2. More apreciation for the family

We take often things for granted, usually the things we see or do every day. Living with our family or hanging out with the same friends is something we get used to so we do not apreciate it enough. Travelling or living somewhere else for some period of time makes us nostalgic and happier when we come back. And also, makes us think how happy we are for having those people in our lives.


A time for ourselves3.

If you are the kind of person that likes travelling alone, you already know how travelling alone gives you a time for yourself, for focusing on you and your goals. If you do not travel alone, you can suggest to your partner to have a meditation together so each of you can enjoy a moment of silence and get the real relaxation that you came for.


4. Education and knowledge

Whether it’s learning a new dance or learning a new language, or maybe cooking some traditional food in other country, travel is a way where you can further your knowledge and education. Active learning and constant training to remember new things  makes your brain more productive and that increases your level of happiness – espeacially when you focus on learning something interesting to you.


5. You’re more interesting

On just one trip, a lot of things can happen, you can manage them in the wrong way or in the right way. It can happen something embarrasing so you are going to have a lot to talk about, and you are going to feel interesting and with that your self esteem is going to grow.


5 Reasons to travel