Stop searching because the perfect places to go camping are right here.

Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India – this place is known as Moon land because it has a outlandish landscape of mountains, has the bluest sky and a beautiful lake in front of you. You will enjoy the panoramic views of the Pangong Lake and mountains of the Changchenmo.


Arches National Park in Utah – all campground during the busy season which starts from March to October are usually reserved. So if you want to enjoy the breathtaking views make sure you book you reservation on time.

Pangong_Tso Perfect places to go campingA tent camp

Sahale Glacier Camp in Washington DC – there are camp grounds along the Cascade River Road. It has a gorgeous landscape, peaceful atmosphere. The park with the contrast of the mountains simpy amazing.

Sahale Glacier Camp in Washington DC

Joshua Tree –  the most popular place to camp in Joshua tree is located at the southern edge of the Mojave Desert. There are endless opportunities to discover – the park, mile of miles for hiking, roads waiting to get explored, and many rock climbing opportunities. Whatever mood you are in you can find something to do. The starry night sky will leave you speechless.

Joshua Tree Perfect places to go campingJoshua Tree

EcoCamping Patagonia – expert guides take traveler through the wild Patagonian plains, fierce waterfalls and show capped mountains. All camps has a ceiling windows so that you can look up at the start during the night.

EcoCamping Patagonia Perfect places to go camping

Lake Myvatn , Iceland – it is a beautiful camp-side located on the lake-shore of Lake Myvatn. The scenery around the camp site is divers, good flat areas and lava tubs that offer good shelter.  The camp site is about 1 km from the lake and not many trees, that results in low number of  gnat flies at the camp site.

Lake Myvatn , Iceland Perfect places to go campingLake Myvatn , Iceland Perfect places to go camping

If you enjoy spending a night out in the nature, make sure you put this camping places in you bucket list.