Tree tunnels are one of the nature’s most beautiful phenomenons. No matter how they were formed – accidentally or naturally there is something magical when you walk through them.


Nature has given us many tree tunnels but here is a list of the most breathtaking ones.

1. Wisteria flower tunnel in Japan

This is a home to about 150 Wisteria flowering plants and many different species. This tunnel will make you feel like you walked into some fairy tale. Best time to visit it is in late April or early May during the “Wisteria Festival’’, because that is the time when the tunnels are in full bloom.

Wisteria flower tunnel in JapanWisteria flower tunnel in JapanAshikaga-Flower-Park

2. Train tree in Ukraine

First this was just an another train rail station but later this became one of the Earth’s most amazing and romantic place.

Train tree in UkraineTrain tree in Ukraine

3. Sakura Cherry Rail Tunnel in Japan

This is an amazing tunnel of cherry blossom trees and sakure. The pink color makes this place to like it is from another planet. Best time to visit is during springtime.

Sakura Cherry Rail Tunnel in JapanSakura Cherry Rail Tunnel in Japan4. Jacaranda tree Tunnel in South Africa

Over ten million trees keep South Africa’s largest city free. This is a well known place for visitors for over one hundred years.

Jacaranda tree Tunnel in South Africa

5. Mysterious Cherry Blossom Path

This is an unknown path that leads to Gensokyo. It is full with cherry blossoms that are seasonal and the best time to visit is during spring. There is an event called Fairy Wars.

Mysterious Cherry Blossom PathMysterious Cherry Blossom Path6. Maple Tunnel, USA

This is a beautiful tunnel of Maple trees located in St. Louis in Oregon.

Maple Tunnel, USAMaple Tunnel, USA7. Laburnum tunnel, Bodnant garden in UK

This tunnel burst into life in late spring, and it is amazing to walk by the vibrant cascade of golden yellows. It is 55 meters long.

Laburnum tunnel, Bodnet garden in UKLaburnum tunnel, Bodnet garden in UK

8. Dark Hedges in Ireland

This is a beautiful avenue filled with many beech trees. It is an amazing landscape that will definitely impress you with its beauty. It is the perfect place for tourists, painters and photographers.

.Dark Hedges in Ireland

Make sure to visit this beautiful garden tree tunnel  and get share the experience and the majestic beauty of nature with your loved ones.