Forget dropping down on one knee at a glitzy restaurant; these days popping the question requires a little more thought. Europe is full of romantic spots. With castles, winding paths through medieval cities, views of sparkling water from cliffs and intimate cafes in which to sip coffee with your significant other, it’s easy to plan a Valentine’s Day holiday anywhere on the continent. Here are some ideas where to spend your Valentine’s day with your loved one.


Amalfi coast, Italy- this one of the most beautiful spots anywhere in the world. Many of the Hollywood celebrities live here. It has a beautiful coastline which is the perfect romance for Valentine’s day. Here you can enjoy also the popular Italian drink called limoncello, which this area is known for.

Amalfi coast

Paris, France- this is a well known destination for honeymoons and it is the most romantic spot anywhere in Europe. The architecture, River Seine, cafes that line the streets … they’re all reasons to spend some time in this beautiful city, even in the middle of winter.


Lake Lucerne, Switzerland- With the snow-capped Alps and medieval buildings as a backdrop, it’s easy for romance to be inspired. Located in north central Switzerland, Lake Lucerne is the place to get bundled up and stroll hand-in-hand around the old city. Be sure to check out the Chapel Bridge and the Lion Monument.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Venice, Italy- this is well known spot for romance. Venice is perfect for Valentine’s day. You can enjoy with your loved on a romantic gondola ride through the canals, taka a walk at the Saint |Mark’s Square and many other activities Venice has to offer to make your journey perfect.

Venice, Italy

Sintra, Portugal- Sintra, a quick train ride from Lisbon, takes couples into a fairytale world where views of the Atlantic are as mesmerizing as views from the top of the hilltop castle. Take some time and explore the little streets of town that are packed with cafes, restaurants and shops. You will enjoy for sure.

Sintra, Portugal

These are just some ideas where you can travel for the special day. Europe has a lot to offer so make sure you make the right choice so the both of you can enjoy.