Beautiful island captivates with its beauty since the Roman times. It is located on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, beside Peninsula. The island spans 10.4 square kilometers and has 7,300 residents. In the second half of the 19th century, the island became a popular gathering place for European artists, writers and many other celebrities. According to the Greek geographer Strabo, Capri in some historical time was merged with Italy. This fact has been confirmed with the latest archaeological research. New excavations have shown that the inhabitants of Capri existed since the Neolithic. In the “Aeneid,” Virgil claimed that the Greeks who lived around the Ionian islands actually settled Capri. Emperors Octavian Augustus and Tiberius had their houses in Capri. Emperor Commodus sent his sister in exile in 182 year. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Capri was placed under the control of Neapoles. Capri was blown from the constant pirate attacks. The first bishop was appointed in 987 years. In the 16th century the island was under attack by the Turkish army and was robbed of it. In 1806, the island was conquered by Napoleon’s army. In May the same year the British expelled the French and turned the island into a strong naval base.

Capri-Italy-1840-920x637Fascinated by the natural beauty, Capri was a popular destination for many artists and was described in many literary works. John Singer Sargent and Franck Hayd were popular artists who stayed on Capri in late 1870. Many other celebrities were present during the years of Capri, such as: Alfred Krup, Maxim Gorki, Emin von Berinng, Axel Munte, etc. Strucked by Capri, German painter and writer August Hoof wrote the book “Discovery of the blue cave on Capri.” Claude Debussy mentioned the island in his fascinating works. Latvian novelist Janis Jaunusdrabinsh in 1939, wrote the novel “Capri”, which describes the cycling tours of Maxim Gorky and the famous Royal Swedish doctor Axel Munthe.

240f788923d43cbdd55eb68d1e1f3cecToday Capri is a tourist destination for many tourists from around the world. In 1950 it became the destination of the world jet-set. It is abounded with beautiful villas, beautiful restaurants and sunsets!






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Evening View of Capri Town from via Castello. Capri. Bay of Naples. Campania. Italy.
Evening View of Capri Town from via Castello. Capri. Bay of Naples. Campania. Italy.



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