If beaches or loud city streets doesn’t satisfy your need for rest and you prefer silence of nature, then these 14 mountains have been invented for you. These are 14 of the most beautiful mountains in the world, worth to climb.

Top Schafberg, Australia


Top Schafberg overlooks the Lake Wolfgang. Top is not very high (1783 m) and offers more amenities than you’re used to seeing. Besides the beautiful scenery, there is also a hotel and restaurant.

Karst, South China

File photo taken on July 24, 2011 shows the scenery of karst landform in Dacai Township under Maonan Autonomous County of Huaijiang, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The World Heritage Committee on Monday inscribed an extension of South China Karst, a natural World Heritage Site since 2007, into the UNESCO's World Heritage List. (Photo by Wang Xiufa/Xinhua)

This area is under protection of UNESCO since 2007. The view from the top is described as a spiritual experience.

Victoria, Hong Kong

3542469907_39d596d557_bThis is actually a hill, with barely 550 meters is the highest in Hong Kong, and from the top of it opens incredible view of the city.

Smoky Mountains, Appalachian Tennessee / North Carolina


Located on the border between two countries attract over 9 million tourists annually. Especially beautiful is in autumn when the leaves change color.

Silvermine, South Africa


Silvermine National Reserve in Cape Town offers trails for motorcycles, transitions and beautiful picnic areas.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount_KilimanjaroThe height of Kilimanjaro is 5895 meters and the climbing isn’t suitable for beginners.

Dolomites, Italy

Italian-Dolomites-smallLocated in northern Italy, Dolomites was declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2009. There are over 12 peaks. The mountains are suitable for many sports – running, biking, hiking and more.

Sharp Peak, Hong Kong, China


This mountain is located in Sai Kung East Park and it is a popular route for walking. Near by the mountain there are beaches and port.

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

354667This is the second highest mountain in Ecuador and one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Up on the top there are organized tours and the view is surreal.

Nimrod, Israel

029bf5ed-e2b3-43df-b25d-ce601851d87bThe castle dates from the 13th century and it is the largest in Israel. The mountain has many other historical and natural landmarks.

Pirin, Bulgaria

n_1248255013_DSCF0488Vihren peak is 2914 meters high and walking on it really worth the experience.

Lakeland Fells, England

5514640708_a3ae026e20_bThis part of the world is a tourist attraction thanks to the specific rocks.

Temple Mount, Canada

Temple N Face

It is located in a national park Banif. Top with a height of 3542 meters and the road to it is really hard, but worth it.

Glacier Point, California


Not very high, but despite this it has seriously beautiful view. In winter it is a popular place for ski running.