There are countless monuments that adorn the city of Venice thanks to its rich history. In order to bring them to you we are taking the most visited …

St. Mark’s Square – three attractions in one market

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Napoleon called it cum-living room of Europe. Even today it seems that the majority of European culture piled in one place. There is St. Peter’s Basilica, brand, often as a reminder of the connection between Venice and Byzantium. Then the Rector’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale / Doge’s Palace), once it was a political and judicial center of Venice and the Clock Tower. The clock tower was built between 1496 and 1506. These three attractions are some of the main attractions not only in the square, but in Venice itself.

Grand Canal
The largest waterway in the city floats through Venice in the form of letters ‘s’ and there is believe that Grand Canal follows the course of an ancient river. It is surrounded by buildings that were built by wealthy residents of Venice between the 13th and 18th centuries. It floats through to the crowd, the famous Rialto bridge, Ponte degli Scalzi and the Ponte dell’Accademia.asdasdasd

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Bridge of Sighs
Antonio Contino constructed this famous covered bridge in the 17th century. The bridge was built to connect the old and new jail and there are two stories about how it got its name.
The first says that the prisoners groaning passed over it, because then the last time they saw the outside world. The second is more romantic and says that the sighs have their origin from couples in love who kisses passing under the bridge in a gondola, because there is a belief that they will experience the ‘eternal love’ if they do it in the sunset.


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Basilica of St. Mark
The most famous church in Venice is St. Mark’s Church that was built in 828. It was twice burned down and had to be renewed in 976 and 1063. Interestingly, the basilica was built with elements from around the world, especially with the Orient, because the Venetian ships always brought something to the basilica from their journeys.


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Rector’s Palace
The imposing palace once was the most important buildings in Venice, and today is one of the must-see sights. Venetian leaders had their own rooms in it and it was center of power of the Venetian Republic.

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The tower of St Mark
The tower of St Mark is the tallest building in Venice, which has a magnificent view. In this place the first tower was built in the seventh century, probably to serve as a lighthouse. This tower was built in 1513.


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Rialto Bridge
Almost 300 years Rialto Bridge was the only one that stretched across the Grand Canal. Today along with it there are three bridges, but Rialto probably is still the most visited and most photographed bridge in Venice.
Rialto was built in 1591 in exchange for wooden bridges that have been used before.

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Basilica of St. Mary of Health
This church from the 17th century that hung over the Grand Canal is one of the favorite landmarks. Built by the city authorities who pledged that will build a church to St. Maria if she free Venice from the plague. As a sign of gratitude every year on November 21 there is a procession in honor of Saint Mary, and for that over the Grand canal every year is building a temporary bridge.


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Museum Boat Show
A lot of people believe that this museum is one of the best museums of its kind. In this museum will enjoy all history lovers and there they can find all of the Venetian warships through the torpedo from II. World War II and ship models from different periods of history, the whole floor dedicated to gondolas.

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