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Holiday like the craziest fantasies in luxury hotel “Rixos”


Turkish luxury hotel “Rixos Premium”, the pearl of Belek, in the official categorization is a five-star hotel. Unofficially, it is one of three hotels in the world with the maximum of seven stars …

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“Rixos” means enjoying luxury. The view from the top of each of the 29 hotels of this chain worldwide express “Rixos”.

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In “Rixos” hotel, every detail has been designed, absolutely authentic and sophisticated tailored to the needs of modern life. Luxury accommodation is only a part of the pleasure, because in restaurants of this chain hotels await specialties from around the world with full gastronomic enjoyment, as well as the possibility of consuming various drinks that will satisfy every taste.

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Also, “Rixos” hotels are unsurpassed Empire of fun and meeting with the various sports fields for recreation. Spa centers in each hotel are oases for a royal enjoyment.

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“Rixos Premium” in Belek, Turkey, is prestigious resort. It shows the best the claim for the youngest guests. It has fascinating aqua park, beautiful “city of dreams” in which dominates model of the Trojan horse high 25 meters where begins the small adventure or enjoyment, offering magnificent five slides.

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The hotel was built in 2005 and renovated in 2014. Since then has the nickname “Billion dollars hotel”. This hotel in the official categorization is five-star hotel, and unofficial, is one of three hotels in the world with even seven stars …

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It is not actually a hotel, but a small world. It is so spacious that literally you need a car to visit its every corner. It is surrounded by lakes, artificial waterfalls and gardens. In the huge complex (located on an area of ​​405.000 square meters) has replicas of streets and squares, or parks of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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But it is not everything. Hotel in addition to water park, has eleven restaurants, twelve bars, ten tennis courts with different surfaces, pitches for volleyball, basketball … There is also the divine shopping center with the most famous brands.

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Spa center is a different story. We must note that it’s one of the best in the world. The hotel rooms are part of the overall luxury, in which you will feel like you are a king.

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