Yokohama is easily accessible from Tokyo, but there’s enough to see and do here that it’s worth more than a day trip, and it is the second largest city in Japan. It sure is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Japan. There are many things that you can explore, so make sure you have enough time to visit all of them.


Consequently, Yokohama quickly grew from a small fishing village into one of Japan’s major cities. Until today, Yokohama remains popular among expats, has one of the world’s largest chinatowns and preserves some former Western residences in the Yamate district.


Minato Mirai- Minato Mirai, literally “future port” is Yokohama’s iconic skyline. It’s an office, entertainment, shopping and cultural area on Tokyo Bay. Many of Yokohama’s best attractions are in this area.

Minato Mirai-

Landmark Tower – The centerpiece of Yokohama’s skyline and Japan’s tallest building excluding towers. Visit the Sky Garden observation deck on the 69th floor so that you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Yokohama.

Landmark Tower

Sankeien Garden – Sankeien is a 43 acre Japanese garden in the south of Yokohama that features a large pond and historical buildings collected from all over Japan.

Sankeien Garden

Nippon Maru- The Nippon Maru is a tall ship that was build in 1930 in Kobe. It logged enough kilometers to circle the world 45 times. It’s now open to the public just in front of Landmark Tower in Minato Mirai.

Nippon Maru

Yokohama Chinatown- Yokohama has an unusual Chinatown. It doesn’t have a particularly high population of Chinese residents .Yokohama’s Chinatown is one of the most largest in all Asia. What Yokohama Chinatown lacks in residents it makes up for in shopping and dining. There are about 300 Chinese shops and restaurants in the area. The area also has several Chinese temples and gates.


Yokohama and its massive port are the industrial heartland of Japan. It is a good choice and side trip that you can go if you are near Tokyo.