Mumbai is the largest city in India, also the capital of Maharashtra state. It is a bustling and diverse metropolis with a flair all its own.  India is a very colorful country, so it’s Mumbai. You will really enjoy during your stay.



This city is definitely something that you should see with your eyes. It is a charming city, a whole different world. There are many reasons that will make you to visit this place so if you a interested read some of them bellow.


If you are a foodie, this would be a delight for you. Based mainly on rice, fish, coconut, curies and home- made sweets, Mumbai is spicy and delicious. If you want the whole experience to be just right- try street food, not in a fancy restaurant.

mumbai food


There are some amazing Buddhist and Hindu caves, so it is one of the main reasons why this is such an interesting and valuable destination. Some of the most important are- the Elephant Caves, halls and stone sculptures of Hindu gods and many others.

Gateaway of India

You must visit the old city, and to experience the flamboyant history, as well as some other Mumbai’s landmarks.


In all of India, Mumbai has the best nightlife, and it is an ideal place for tourists. There are many bars, luxurious restaurants, fancy clubs, live music places.


Bollywood is the largest film industry in India. Here you can enjoy some traditional Bollywood melodrama, or enjoy in one of their wonderful and lively cinemas.


Another great reason to visit Mumbai it is because of its beaches. Mumbai’s coastline is spotted with plenty amazing beaches.


The most popular beach here is Chowpatty Beach, also the Juhu Beach- and to end you day perfect relax in the romantic Madh Island Beach or in the Versova Beach.