Lord Howe Island, located near the coast of Australia is doubtless one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Since there are only 350 inhabitants and there is allowed residence for only 400 visitors at a time, this island is a lonely, peaceful and untouched place like no other.


It was called “Heaven” on the list of World Heritage sites and it has many endemic species – 60 percent of insects that populate there, you can’t find in any other places on the planet, as it’s a fact for 47 percent of the plants.

The island is inhabited by 207 different bird species and has  the southern coral reef ecosystem in the world which in 1999 was declared a Marine Park.

Mt Eliza/North Head looking South East towards Mt Lidgbird and Mt Gower. Lord Howe Island
Mt Eliza/North Head looking South East towards Mt Lidgbird and Mt Gower. Lord Howe Island

Locals tirelessly fight to preserve this unique place as it is. It is allowed to have only one car in the family and only Australian citizens can buy houses on the island under very stringent regulations and they have to live maximum six months a year in that house.
Primarily vehicle is a bicycle, but many people like to walk. The whole island you can pass with just twenty minutes riding a bike. We recommend you to pass this island by walking, so you can enjoy the beautiful view, amazing colors, meet all endemic species and to feel the nature in her real glow.b96eafaa066fe5dcebb4917b19a64530

On the island there are no mobile networks and wireless internet is limited and uncertain. Many resorts do not have even Television.
Surf lovers can find great waves on the beach Midi which never rushes. Nedos is a popular beach where you can dive, surf and swim.


In the past the island Lord Howe had a reputation that is island visited only by children and “people with one foot in the grave,” but that reputation slowly is changing.

Every person who loves to visit beautiful places have that wish to go there at least once in their lifetime.



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Lord Howe Island – Forgotten paradise in Australia