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Lago di Como – Italy


Lake Como or in Italian Lago di Como is the third – largest lake in Italy, also with 1,300 feet deep is one of the deepest lakes in Europe.

Lake-ComoLake Como

It is a favorite place for the Milanese and tourists that visit Milan, it is an hour away by train.

Lombardy’s seductive beautiful lakes district, where Italy meets the Alps seems heaven – sent from communing with nature. In this land there are so many popular lakes, that is hard just to choose – which one !?

Lake Como

While all the lakes have their charms, Lake Como is the most visited and popular one. It offers the best mix of accessibility and scenery with a whiff of aristocratic old days romance.

Lake Como is lined with elegant and amazing 19th century villas, faced with the mountains and with busy little ferry boats. It is the best place to take a break from the intensity of urban life.


Only serious industry in the hazy lazy lake’s tourism. Lake Como’s isolation and flat economy have left it pretty much the way romantic poets first described it in 19th century.

Bellagio is known as the “pearl of the lake“ is a classic combination of old world elegance and new world luxury. There are so many five – star hotels that will give you all the comforts you need.

belagiobellagioOld Town, Bellagio

Many harbor front shop you can visit with amazing jewelry and accessories. Stairs from the harbor will lead you to an amazing  sun-splashed squares.


Part of the fun of lake visit is town-hopping on the ferries. The ideal home base for Lago di Como  is 15 minutes from Bellagio – Varenna.

varrena townvarrena town

It is a small town with 800 people, and offers the best of all lake worlds. It is easly accessible by train from Milan. Varenna has a romantic promenade, a tiny harbor and harrow lanes. It is an ideal place to savor a lakeside cappuccino or aperitivo.

varrena townvarrena

In peaceful resorts like this where you can fell the romantic side of Italy. Amazing place to visit anytime of the year.