In the south of Europe is Italy and between Florence and Genoa is the Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre is five little towns, isolated in the most seductive stretch of The Italian Riviera.

Here you can read about five rugged, little port towns worth visiting.

The Cinque Terre means ‘’Five Land’’ was known as the ‘’five castles’’.

You will approach the Cinque Terre by train through long, dark tunnels. Trains tie the villages to each other and to the outside world.


We will start with Vernazza.Of the five towns Vernazza has the closest thing to a natural harbor. Crumpled hills come with topographical lines,a beautiful green bouquet of grapevines, olive trees and cactuses.

In Vernazza you can find plenty of kids beach, sunning rocks and a wealth of cafes and restaurants.


You can climb and pop out up at the top, near the castle. The castle is nicknamed Belforte-the place of loud screams for the warnings shouted from its tower back in pirating days. This tower is old about thousand years. Tourist climb to the top to see the view and to imagine past raids.

Vernazza’s main square has some the region’s best restaurants where the classic dish is pasta with pesto and anchovies.


The Cinque Terre has the most amazing white wine. Historically, each family has its own small vineyard.

One of the essential Cinque Terre experiences is hiking. There are plenty of ups and downs but the view is worth it.

The village of Corniglia perched on a ridge, is the only town that is not on the water.

Here you can visit the church in the intimate main square, a couple of restaurants  and plenty of private rooms to rent.


Manarola is petite and picturesque, a tumble of building filing its ravine above a craggy port.

Manarola is connected to the next town by the Via Dell’amore or Walkway of Love.


Riomaggiore it’s bigger than the other towns. A tangle of paster houses lean on each other. Here the local special a slice of focaccia, with simple ingredients, tomatoes and olives, olive oil.

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The last one is Monterosso al Mare, which is the most resort town of the group. Here you will fine some of the best beaches.

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The best restaurant you can find here is Restaurant Miky with the local favourite- steamy pasta. There is a old town, where you can find more restaurants, characteristic shops and a world of colorful lanes.