Berlin is the capital of Germany, and it is located in northeastern Germany.

Berlin is and edgy city, from its fashion to its architecture to its charged political history. Culture, art or music – in Berlin there is always something going on, there are so many reasons to visit Berlin and Germany.


Berlin is a city of art, artists and museums. More than 170 museums.


The Brandenburg Gate is located next to the Berlin Wall; it is one of Berlin’s most important monuments. The Brandenburg Gate is most famous tourist attraction and the most amazing landmark of Berlin.

brandenburg gate

The Berlin Wall was a barrier that divided Berlin many years ago. This wall was called the Anti-fascist Protective Wall. The constructions started in 1961.


The Museum Island is one of Europe’s most illustrious cultural centers, and the museums are the finest in the world.


One of the largest zoo’s is located in Berlin. It is a great  place to see some fun stuff, and share this experience with your family. It is a must visit attraction for people of all ages.


Berlin’s largest park is Tiergarten. It is open to the public and it’s field with enchanting scenes.


Another attraction is the Holocaust Memorial, which represent the Jews that lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis.

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

If you are up for shopping, the Kurfurstendamm Boulevard is ideal. You can experience the shops, restaurants, and boutiques.


Berlin has a long history for its thrilling nightlife. Concert halls, bars, lounges, clubs – all types of party from around the world, waiting on you to visit.


Not much beats sitting in a warm, traditional German pub with a half-litre of beer, so you can’t go to Berlin and not visit any beer pub.

The capital fascinates its visitors with historical sites, exciting trends, high culture, subculture and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. So, if you didn’t had Berlin on your travel list make sure you put it.