I am sure that everyone wishes to travel more this year. It is on everyone’s bucket list. To experience new cities, new cultures and to meet new people. Here are some must see destinations to visit and experience.


Dubai- this is one of the most visited tourist destination . This is still in progress and it has become a metropolitan city. Dubai always offers the latest and the greatest. It has one of the world’s tallest skyscraper and an indoor ski resort. Dubai this year will be added Hunger Games there park.


Cuba- the tourism in Cuba is still catching up. The amazing Spanish colonial architecture, gorgeous white sandy beaches, rolled cigars, vintage old cars and famous cocktails await the adventurous traveler looking forward to exploring the Caribbean’s largest island. Make sure you put it at your bucket list.


Ashford Castle – this is a medieval castle and now it is a five star luxury hotel near Cong on the Mayo- Galway border. A castle was built on the perimeter of a Monastic site in 1228 by the Anglo-Norman House of Burke.

Ashford Castle

Sri Lanka- this destination is always a good idea. It has golden beaches, misty mountains, rising waves and many more to experience. The smiles and hospitality of Sri Lanka id world famous and so are its spicy food, exotic fruits and array of sweetmeats found nowhere in the world. With so many cultures living next to each other life in Sri Lanka continues among a series of festivities throughout the year, an ideal recipe for fun and leisure.

Sri Lanka

San Sebastian- this is a medium-sized city on the north coast of Spain. There’s plenty of urban energy to soak in while you’re visiting San Sebastian, but the quiet grandeur of its natural setting is equally magnetic. You needn’t just admire the coast from afar. San Sebastian has a number of beautiful beaches for lounging, swimming, and boating.

San Sebastian

I hope that you will have enough time and money to visit each of these cities. They all have something authentic to offer. I and sure you will enjoy them .