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Denmark beyond Copenhagen


Denmark is small, flat and a really – well organized country. Copenhagen is the capital city and it is  a thriving metropolis you should visit the countryside of Denmark where you can enjoy the real natural beauty of it.


Floating on a lake is the stunning Frederiksborg Castle, which is considered to be the grandest castle in Scandinavia. It was a home of Denmark’s greatest king Christian IV. The king wanted this castle to be crated in unique Christian style which you can see in fancy buildings all over Copenhagen.


Outside of the castle you can enjoy the baroque garden.

Frederiksborg Castle garden

Roskilde is a town where you can see the Denmark’s roots. It is most famous for hosting northern Europe’s biggest rock festival – each July.


You must visit the Cathedral located in the heart of the main square. It is a stately old church with fine wood carvings .

copenhagen (1)copenhagen-denmark-nyhavn-canal-nightcopenhagenroksilde

Roskilde is a home to Denmark’s Viking ship museum. It offers to tourists to experience Denmark’s seafaring heritage.

The Viking ship museum

Odense is Denmark’s third largest city. The reason why tourists stop to visit this town is to visit the home of its famous son – Hans Christian Andersen.  It is packed with mementos from the writer’s life.


Jutland is a gentle land of rolling hills, also known as the Land of Lego. If you have kids or in heart you still are, this is a perfect spot for you. This huge park is a fanciful world created with a 58 million lego bricks.


Nearby is Aarhus – Denmark’s second largest city. With many universities and a old quarter filled with people living very well. You must visit the modern art gallery The Aaros Museum.


Or if you want something more traditional you can visit the city’s Old town open – air folk museum.

The-Old-Town-By-aarhus-denmark-folk-museum 2The-Old-Town-By-aarhus-denmark-folk-museum

I’m sure you will enjoy visiting this small cities, and get the best of Denmark.