London has some of the biggest celebrations from New Year anywhere in the world. It takes a really serious planning to realize all the programs. In the text below you can find some of the best things to be in New Years Eve during your stay in London. Celebrate New Year in London

LondonNew year London In London you have many choices for New Year. You can just watch the fireworks or party in some of the hottest bars and clubs.

Fire works Tower-Bridge If you want to spent your night watching the fireworks make sure you take a place on time along the River Thames in Southbank. This is a great way to spent the night and enjoy the light show with your loved ones.

New year LondonLondonNew Year in LondonLondon is also known for the extravagant boat parties. There will be many boat tours, where you can buy a ticket. The tour includes a route with some of the London’s most amazing and famous sites – like Big Ben. Chelsea Bridge, Albert Bridge and the Millennium Footbridge.

party New YearNew Year in LondonFor New Years Eve London also hosts some of the best comedy clubs with the best comedians. So without a doubt you will have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

party New Year

Also if you are more of a person who enjoys nice quit dinner, there are many casual dining where you can taste some of London’s great cuisines.

New Year in LondonNew Year in LondonIf you want your New Year’s Eve to be some unique experience you need to go to the Silver Mantion. Here you can enjoy the best food, fire shows, DJs, face painters and so much more.

New year London

London is a great place to celebrate – you will be sure to create memories and make new friends. If you need to plan your stay why not select some cheap London hotels and you can enjoy the parties without breaking the bank. Hope you will have a great time.