Italy is the size of California and Tuscany it’s in the heart of the country.


When travel dreams take people to Italy, very often Tuscany is their first stop. There is something charming about this region and its rustic good living.


Tuscany will offer you some of the best cuisine in the world and fascinating history.


Like many popular Tuscan towns Volterra sits on an Etruscan foundation. Here you can see the four mile long wall which is built of massive tufa stones.


All Tuscan town, especially Volterra is filled with little specialty stores where you can find Italian best cheese and meat.

Volterra 2

You can visit the greatest theater which was built to seat up the 2.000 spectators.

Volterra 3

There are many restaurant where you can taste the best Italian red wine – Brunello di Montalcino and Super Tuscan.

For the lover of agrotourism the village of Chiusure is the perfect place to visit.


There you be part of the Artichoke festival, to celebrate the peak of the artichoke season. Also you can closely see how the Italian cheese is made in some of the local cheese work-shops.


Your next stop can be Pienza. Pienza is a small that packs a lot of renaissance punch.

Italy Tuscany Pienza Landscape of village and valley

Pienza’s classic main square is famous for its elegance and artistic unity- The City Hall, Two Palaces and the Cathedral. The church dominates the piazza.

Italy Tuscany Pienza village street

From Pienza hill you can see Montepulciano. Montepulciano welcomes visitors with its view, villas, and wine. Here is piazza Grande which is dominated by the City Hall.


There is also the unfinished Duomo, wishing the city hadn’t run out of money for its facade. The magnificent aristocratic guesthouse Meuble il Riccio comes with medieval elegance.


Tuscany looks great with the top down. The many charms of this region will reward you with a fascinating insights into a land that makes living well a time-honored art.


Life can be so sweet, especially in Tuscany. Feel the Dolce Vita.