Mexico can definitely be placed among a few most popular summer destinations worldwide, at least when it comes to places along the coast. Cancun and Acapulco are two main pearls and “trump cards” of that part of America and every year they are packed with tourists that look for an amazing entertainment and vacation of their dreams. Acapulco is a real tourist town that offers that and much more.


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Acapulco is located in Guerrero state which is known for a lot of content – from entertainment that runs continuously to the important cultural landmarks that tourists eagerly waiting to visit.

Relaxing is offered by the therapy in thermal water, massages with algae and other similar plants. Banyan TreeSpa is the most famous wellness center where every visitor can enjoy and admire the advanced beauty treatments provided by nature.

It is well known that Acapulco is full of luxury hotels and spa centers and one of the most important is Boca Chica Spa center which is famous with glamorous interior and with beautiful view of the coast.

Luxury merges with nature in Punta Diamante, exclusive tourist complex full of range hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and golf courses.

Calm waters of Acapulco are used for various extreme water sports, so there are few beaches that are famous for snorkeling and sailing, such as Revolcadero, Puerto Marques and Pie de la Cuesta.

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