Every morning people get up and look for an adventure. Adventurer is a person who takes risks, a person that is not afraid to experience new things.A person which is not afraid to meet new people, new unknown places.

So, here you can read some tips and thoughts how to be not just a better traveler or adventurer ,but a better person.

Be open

Travel to discover new things. But if you want to discover things you need to be open,to say yes to opportunities,people,places.Be optimist, belive in kindness of strangers.

be open

 Know the basics of geography

If you are up for an adventure, you need to have some  knowledge about geography,to have a full experience.


You have to pack for anything

As an adventurer you need to pack for anything, because you don’t know exactly what is your destination.First of all you need to pack some essential survival items.Keep them in your daypack. Also documents, clothes, toiletries.


Create and share

Capture everything. Share your experience with others. Be the reason to inspire other people to travel, and to experience that place.

Create and share Create and share Create and share Create and share


Just pack your things, book a trip and let the adventure start. You won’t regret it.