There are many adventurer in the world and I think some of them have done this sports. These sports are known as the world’s dangerous sports. If you are really bold and want to try something new, here is a list.


  1. Cave diving- This unusual sport is similar to the cliff diving and seems to be entirely for people who don’t think throwing yourself off a cliff into water of an unknown depth containing unknown numbers of jagged is quite dangerous enough. It involves diving into thigh caves , you are at risk of sudden losses of visibility.

cave divingsufing

2.You might scoff but cheerleading is by far and away mote dangerous than any of the sports for which they cheer. There are more than 20.000 injuries every year- making it the most dangerous sport for participants.


cheerleading3. Climbing- for every six successful summit of Everest it is estimated that there is one death. Here you rick hypoxia, hypothermia, pneumonia and even blindness.

cimbing4. Bull riding– this rodeo sport is where a rider mounts a particularly sturdy bull and tries to stay on top of it. One the bull has triumphed against its rodeo rider there is a high probability of them being wounded or even the bull .

bull riding

bull riding

5.Big wave surfing– many of the world’s dangerous sports are really just extreme versions of existing lines once. Surfing is taken to be to its maximum danger level as the participants are towed on the waves measuring at the twenty feet tall . There is a risk of drowning and being pulled under and dashed on the rocks.


  1. Heliskiing– here the participants get to some dangerous places by helicopter. They throw themselves from a chopper onto the most dangerous snow.heliskiingheliskiing

I am sure that any of these sports have raise your adrenaline, but if you ever want to try any of there , make sure you are really ready and you have the full equipment to protect yourself.