Highline Meeting Monte Piana festival  is an international and intercultural event that takes place above Misurina, in the Dolomites.

Highline Meeting Monte Piana festival

This festival was created in 2012 by Alessandro d’Emilia and Armin Holzer. They created this festival because of their desire the share the spectacular and amazing scenery of Monte Piana. All across the world from more than 20  countries and about 350 participants come to enjoy this festival.



The main goal of this festival is to invite professional athletes and adventurers from all over to world to come and try this sport.

Highhline meeting

Just a hundred years ago winters in Misurina were characterized by bombs, grenades and lots of pain.The founder’s idea was to re-experience Monte Piana in friendship and peace , accompanied by kindhearted feelings during the day and lulled to sleep at night by a magical silence. They choose the Monte Piana because of its natural beauty and its historical importance. Here in Monte Piana there is a museum opened to honor the 18.000 soldiers who died during the First World War.

Highhline meeting

Highhline meeting

Highline Meeting Monte Piana festival doesn’t have a fixed program. It all depends of the weather and on the mood of the day.

Highhline meeting

This is a meeting dedicated to all fervent high liners, it is a non competitive sport, here people share their passion for mountains and slack line. It is a social meeting to experience for a whole week – solidarity, conviviality.

Highhline meeting festival

This festival funded by a local sponsors- the main is  Municipality of Auronzo Misurina and many other sponsors.

festival in Monte Piana

This year  a total of 26 people got together to form a colourful and specifically designed rainbow of 17 hammocks. It is a  symbol of peace and a tribute to the past.

festival in Monte Piana

If you want your adrenaline to raise up and to free your mind  from  your busy reality this is the right festival for you. You will enjoy every minute of it.